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Do you need additional funds for paying off your mortgage, making home improvements, buying a new car or going on holiday? By releasing cash from your pension, you could get up 25% of it back in a tax-free lump sum.

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    Pension Tips What you Need to Know About Selling your Pension

    Cashing in your pension is a provision in the UK that allows people to withdraw money from their pension scheme before retirement. Most of the time, you need to be over 50 and have a UK pension plan in order to be eligible for pension release. However, other individual factors will also need to be assessed during the application process.

    In the first year of having your pension unlocked, you can acquire a total cash sum of just over 25% of the full pension, almost all of which is tax free. It’s up to the individual whether they take the money as income immediately or leave it until a later date, which incurs tax as earned income.

    It is advisable not to release all of the available cash in your pension fund at once – simply take out what you need. If all the money allowed is unlocked, the rest of the pension fund must be used to provide an ongoing income, which can be taken straightaway or deferred.

    Sell My Pension – Frequently Asked Questions

    Get in touch with Sell My Pension today. We’ll provide you with a free no obligation consultation to collect all the necessary information about your pension, state benefits, financial standing, and other relevant details.
    There is no charge for your initial consultation, after which you are free to decide whether to proceed or not. During this consultation, we’ll also talk about how our charges work.
    According to the current rules, you can release a cash lump sum of up to 25% of the value of your pension fund. This tax-free pay out is known as a ‘Pension Commencement Lump Sum’ (PCLS).
    There is none. However, as you would expect, by taking money from your pension today, you’ll be reducing the amount of income available to you in your retirement.
    Pension Release Options
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    Speak to our professional consultants and you’ll receive tailor-made advice about your pension fund. We’ll guide you through the process one step at a time, explaining everything in simple terms.

    You’ll also benefit from your own personal advisor for the ultimate in customer service. They’ll make sure your pension release is processed on the very same day as your enquiry. As a result, they’ll be no delay in receiving your cash payout.

    • Completely legal and lawful – Releasing your pension is completely legal and fully regulated under UK law
    • Available for all ages – Pension release is available to everyone, but it often depends on personal circumstances if you’re under 55
    • We like nothing more than seeing our customers more financially comfortable
    • We’re market leaders in pension release
    • We pride ourselves on our professionalism every step of the way
    • We have over 10 years of hands-on industry experience

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